Tuesday, October 26, 2010

North Douglas Chocolate Cake: Halloween Remix

North Douglas is a stretch of highway that leads to Eaglecrest, False Outer Point, and the End of the (Island) Road. An incredible place. And an incredible cake. With a festive spirit, I put a Halloween spin on this classic Fiddlehead recipe.

There's chocolate cake and then there's North Douglas Chocolate Cake (page ). Around here, this cake wins the highest dessert-auction bids, and is the most requested birthday cake. It's cake is springy and moist, its icing buttery and infused with dark, Dutch-processed cocoa. Oh-so-rich. And for being such a decadent cake, its a simple and quick recipe.

It's as easy as mixing wet ingredients:

with dry
Then bake - and add frosting!

Now here's where I add a little something for the season. Instead of baking the cake in the traditional 8" pans, I cooked them for a shorter period in cupcake cups. At a party, cupcakes make individual servings much handier.

A little inspiration from Woman's Day magazine goes a long way. Using edible, play-doh-esque fondant (pre-made and pre-colored to save hours of time), I constructed little witch legs and boots.

Topped with sparkly witch hats on sale at Jo-Ann's, the final product will leave you cackling, reveling, and covorting in a Wicked Witch of the East-meets-All Hallow's Eve kind of way.

Happy Halloween!
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