Friday, July 2, 2010

Zucchini Provencal

On a typical day, I get home from work, him and haw and bit before getting myself out the door for a run, and then I come home ravenous and throw together whatever looks like a coherent meal. Doing my weeks grocery shopping on the weekends allows me to do this, with maybe just a mid-week pick up of an item or two. So, having finished my run and finding myself predictably ravenous, I decided to cook up some zucchini provencal. Quick, easy, delicous!

Its dishes like these that make me LOVE my mandolin slicer for quicker, more even cooking. Each one, perfect!

Tomato, and zucchini blending together nicely!

This time around there were some lovely Southeast side stripe to go along with it. SO sweet and tender, sputtering in a little butter, and garlic. Dinner is done!

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