Friday, June 10, 2011

Roasted Red Peppers

Once upon a time, there were three red peppers.

They basked under the broiler for awhile.

And turned into blackened roasted peppers!

Roasted peppers remind me of strolling through a Sunday market, seeing someone hand-turning a black iron mesh cylinder full of peppers above licking flames. Walking away with fresh roasted peppers was such a novelty when I lived in Colorado. Living in Juneau, the standard is peppers from a jar. It was fun with this recipe to try roasting peppers at home under the broiler. And they turned out great! It’s super easy to do—keep your eye on them and rotate them regularly until all the sides are blackened. Once they’re cool, peel them and use them in any Fiddlehead recipe you please (guliano sandwich, red pepper pasta).

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