Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bean Burgers

"They sell those at Costco, you know," my friend offered simply. I had finished telling her the tale of woe of the bowl of bean mash that'd the bean burgers had become. Of course, to successfully cook all the recipes in the Fiddlehead cookbook, buying the patties at Costco wasn't gonna cut it. Boy, that would've been easier.

You see, making bean burgers patties entails a long process involving: buying three types of beans (navy, red, and lentils), setting them out to soak overnight, boiling them for over an hour, boiling them longer with rice, cooking up a mixture of onion and spices, stirring in flour and soy sauce,

...stirring that to the consistency of mashed potatoes,

...letting that sit covered so the flour can cook, cooling it in the fridge 'til all that packed-in heat chills out, then forming them by hand into patties. The mixture sticks to your hand. The patties don't hold a firm shape.

The result was tasty, nonetheless.

Especially served with homemade french fries:

But seriously, I wound up with a bowl of bean burger mash that looked like this:

Maybe more flour would hold the burger shape better? How do you do it, Costco?! Agh, better luck next time...


  1. Get the ones at Costco!
    This was from back in the day, pre-Costco, pre-vegetarian patties, imagine that.
    Two of the vegetarian cooks in the kitchen worked for a long time to develop this, and although there are several omnivore friends of mine who claim Bean burgers were one of their faves, it was never one of mine.

  2. Nice effort. About the fries — try baking for 30 minutes at 450 after lightly tossing in oil.


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