Sunday, August 8, 2010

Strawberries Romanoff

The Strawberries Romanoff (Page 200) is highly decadent and indulgent. It is so good and yet not so difficult. The double-boiling step requires some attention. Be sure to get a foam going with half the sherry, and then add the rest of the sherry. Using a whisk makes it nice and light, where a wooden spoon doesn't give it the desired consistency. Be sure to allow time for cooling--we put it in the freezer while the main course was being served; 30 minutes was about perfect. It's a very summery dessert.

Double-boil the sherry, cream, egg yolks & sugar

Fold into whipped cream

Glasses chilled in the freezer--they warm up quick!

Layer cream with strawberries. Garnish with a whole strawberry!

Strawberries Romanoff is a crowd-pleaser. Your guests will love it (unless they're lactose intolerant). Be sure to save room. It would be very good with other fruit as well--raspberries, or thimble berries, perhaps? Enjoy!

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