Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fantasy Cookies

First things first. You need a special rosette press to shape these cookies. I'm not actually clear on what the press is for. Something to do with pancakes, maybe? I would've made this recipe a long time ago was it not for the characteristic shape required. They're just not fantasy cookies without the rosette shape. Martha Hopson, who is credited in the book as Originator of Fantasy Cookie Shape Idea, suggested I scour garage sales for one. Google Images helped me understand what I was looking for. Eventually, it was when I least expected it that I ran across a press. Making sushi at my friend's house, I found not one, but two while rummaging through a drawer looking for wasabi or chopsticks (or some such sushi-related item). Anyway, they're hard to come by, so good luck on your hunt.

Now when using the press, you don't want the star side, just the rosette. Easier said than done. Some of our cookies wound up with the star points pressed into them. It also takes experience to achieve any kind of consistency. We aimed for pressing the form to about half the depth of the cookie, leaving a base around the bottom. It helped to spray the iron with cooking oil. They all turned out differently, regardless. It's all worth it. The rosette gives the cookies convenient sections so you can break them off in perfect bite-sizes.

The cookie itself is a honey-sweetened shortbread with chocolate chips. It melts in your mouth. Probably has enough calories to call one breakfast. Enjoy your trip to fantasy-land.

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