Friday, July 22, 2011

Roast Beef Pizzaiola

He himself--the Grinch!--carved the roast beast. When the grinch stole Christmas, he also stole my heart--I still watch the original cartoon each Christmas and usually call it "roast beast." Coincidentally, the same week I tried the Fiddlehead's Roast Beast Pizzaiola, I watched a Dr. Seuss movie: Horton Hears a Who, the 2008 version. It's a remake of the 1970 film based on the 1954 Seuss book. Jim Carrey is the voice of Horton the Elephant and Steve Carrell the voice of Whoville's Mayor. With his big ears, Horton hears life on this little dust speck in the jungle. It's Whoville! He talks to the Mayor of Whoville, but other animals think he's crazy and try to boil the dust speck. Finally little Jojo the Who makes a "yopp" so the other jungle animals can hear all the Whos yelling, "We are here!" and Whoville is not boiled. It's so good. But, it gets better. The creators add a super weird character to Dr. Seuss' already weird world of Jungle Nool. Seriously, you have to meet Katie.

Anyway, back to the roast beast...

This might be my new fave. Why? Because it's so dang quick and easy! 4 ingredients (all available at Costco), 10 minutes of prep, 5 minutes under the broiler. That's it! All you have to do is stack the beast, marinara sauce and mozzarella atop a croissant bottom, broiler, and cap it with the top. You've got a gourmet sandwich!

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