Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cook with the Fiddlers: Inaugural Edition

A few people have asked if they could cook along with us. Of course! This weekend, we're going to start the "Cook with the Fiddlers" series. Once every few weeks, the six of us will cook the same recipe, and we'll give readers a heads up on what that will be. Feel free to send us your comments and pictures- we'll put them up with our post!

Here's the assignment. This weekend, we are going to make Fettuccine Greta Garbo on page 85. Some of us will actually be cooking together (Kate and Maddy are headed to Kachemak Bay this weekend) but we'll all be together in spirit as we make this tasty salmon pasta. We hope you will join us in the fun!

A quick word on the cookbook. The link on the right goes to Hearthside Books in Juneau. We know you can order the book online from big chains, but we are passionate about supporting local small businesses. We are incredibly lucky to have the support of Nancy and John DeCherney- the Fiddlehead Cookbook authors/compilors- (Editor's note: see Nancy's comment below) and we hope if you like what you see here, you'll support them in kind.

Happy Memorial Day!


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  2. We found a copy of the cookbook at our local library. Thanks for letting us play along :)

  3. Just a quick note of clarification - Deborah Marshall and Scott Miller were the founders and owners of the FH, along with Deborah's sister Lydia and some other family members. I owned an eentsy teentsy bit of stock at one point - and ended up being the person that for the most part assembled the book from the files of recipes for dishes served at the restaurant, most developed by Scott, with the many other cooks and bakers adding their touches. John was the chef there for at least nine years, and his contributions are many especially in the seafood and entrees. The restaurant management was very much a group effort, Scott & Deb's philosophy - so your group cooking fits perfectly! Nancy PS I love Fettuccini Greta Garbo. Hope you like it too.


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