Thursday, May 27, 2010

Scallops Provencal

Summer is definitely creeping up on us! There's a little more heat in the air, and finally, spindly little branches are burried under lush leafyness. In that vein, the recipe for Shrimp Provencal spoke to me. Something with simple but solid flavors, but not resembling those heavier wintery dishes I've been shedding like my winter jackets. Also, a dish that didn't take too long to cook - that's how all that new warmth in the air, I thought, would be reflected in the dish.

So, I went to the market to pick up some shrimp, and low and behold, no local shrimp. However, there were some plump, happy looking Alaskan scallops waiting to be taken home. The chords of Dusty Springfield's "Anyone who had a heart" rang in my head as I considered taking home some foreign little shrimps... no, I did not have such a heart, so, Scallop Provencal it became!

I first rinsed and coated the scallops in some seasoned flour, then tossed them in the pan for a quick sear. I added a pinch of crushed red pepper at this point for a little extra kick. Just a personal preference. Look at that golden garlic and butter gorgeousness! It smelled even better than it looks! are out of order - I know :( technical difficulties.

There were some beautiful asparagus that also needed to be taken home. Yay for spring vegetables! Look at those fatties! I steamed them up, let them cool, and drizzled a little vinegarette over them for a nice little kick. I love all vegetables picked or spiked with a little olive oil/vinegar/S&P. Once again, it did not dissappoint!

The final product! Sweet and kicky asparagus, and melt in your mouth scallops and tomatoes, spooned over orzo, with a sprinkle of parsley on top. The perfect dish for my lovely spring-soon-to-be-summer evening!

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