Friday, May 14, 2010

Finding Food with Flair for Work

I often bring my lunch to work in an effort to save money and eat healthier. Unfortunately, leftovers and cold, pre-made sandwiches don't always seem appetizing by noon. To remedy this problem I turned to the Fiddlehead cookbook to find something that could be put together in the office but still had some flair. I found exactly what I was looking for with the Ham- and Brie- Filled Croissants.

Figuring I'd treat my coworker to lunch, I made the suggested honey mustard at home and brought it in to work along with two croissants, thick sliced honey ham, brie, and a pink lady apple, thinly pre-sliced at home.

The ingredients, ready for stacking!

The sandwich was extremely easy to prepare, which was helpful given the small office space I was working in. The two croissant bottoms piled high with toppings also fit perfectly in the toaster oven where they sat under the broiler until the brie was perfectly melted.

Preparing the sandwiches

After adding the tops and serving with a side salad (left over from last night's dinner), voila! We had before us a complete and filling lunch.

Fresh out of the toaster oven

The sandwiches looked and tasted delicious. The salty ham contrasted nicely with the sweet apples and the flaky, crusty croissant and creamy brie really rounded out the overall taste. The recipe calls for equal parts honey and dijon mustard to be mixed for the honey mustard that is slathered on both sides of the sandwich- I think in the future I would use slightly less honey to allow the spice of the dijon to remain.

In the end, this sandwich would be great anytime, especially if you find yourself with some leftover ham lying around!

The final product, creating two satisfied coworkers!


  1. Hi Ladies, this looks like so much fun. Great idea. Are you going to have a way for other bloggers to play along at home, kind of Tuesdays with Dorie style? I would love to follow along.

  2. Hey Nicole- Thanks for stopping by! At this point, I think we're choosing recipes at random so we can stay as seasonal as possible. However, we have thought about doing a "group project" once a month where everyone cooks the same recipe. We could announce on the blog what that'll be so folks can play alongside us that week, and post results in the comments. I'll chat about it with the ladies and see what we come up with!

    Again, thanks for reading! We think it's fun, too!

  3. Kate,
    Thanks for the consideration. I'll be checking in regularly.


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