Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chocolate Amaretto Cake

This recipe takes the cake (pun intended) for most exciting dessert to put together. It calls for you, as the baker, to fold dry and wet ingredients together WITH YOUR HANDS. That's right—the moist and spongy finished product is a result of you actually rolling up your sleeves and oozing your fingers into the dough. This is going to delight your inner child! The best part is licking your fingers when you're done.

Chocolate Amaretto Cake is novel for its ingredients as well as construction. I've done sour cream and buttermilk before in baking, but I've never heard of putting mayonnaise in my chocolate cake. This recipe has all three. Guess it adds moisture and flavor. I love the almond tones. A touch of almond extract and amaretto adds a nice hint of nuttiness. Of course a sprinkling of sliced almonds atop the chocolate icing is an attractive presentation. Serve with ice and/or whipped creams.

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