Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crabby Eggs

The Crabby Eggs recipe is a nice, light, simple meal for breakfast or lunch. It's perfect to use up crab leftovers, or just if you’ve got croissants lying around (there are non-crabby alternatives outlined in the book).

Hollandaise sauce seems fancy, but all it is is egg, lemon juice, and a LOT of butter

I’ve never made Hollandaise sauce before. It’s pretty touchy. I read (and suggest you do the same) the page in the cookbook explaining emulsifying mayonnaise. It helps you understand that the egg yolk has a limited ability to absorb fat, and that it’s consequently quite important to the process that you add the fat in just a wee bit at a time. Yes, grasshopper, it takes patience to pull this one off. First, the egg yolks cook just a little bit on a low simmer. My first go around I managed to scramble them, so I was careful to keep the temp low the 2nd time, and remove it from the heat of the double boiler fairly early. Next add the butter teaspoon by teaspoon, stirring thoroughly between each addition.

Cooking from scratch leaves nothing left to the imagination, and now I can no longer lie to myself about Hollandaise sauce. It’s mostly butter, with a little egg yolk and lemon juice. Oof-da. No wonder it’s good.

Poaching the egg on a low simmer

Poaching eggs is easy once you know a couple of tricks. You want to put your egg in a bowl and slide it into the low simmering water. This is how you avoid making egg drop soup. Four minutes was the perfect cooking time for softly cooked, slightly running yolks.

There’s no bad time for a croissant. Buttery and flaky, they’re good with savory or sweet accompaniments, or just plain. I lightly toasted mine before loading them open face with butter-sautéed crab. The poached egg sits on top and the whole thing is smothered in Hollandaise sauce.

Mm, a delicious bite. That yolk is perfect!

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