Monday, August 22, 2011

Halibut Nicoise

It's raining hard. The clouds are totally socked in, down to sea level, and it's gloomy. It gets dark early, and feels like fall. It's only mid-August and we're already setting records for the quantity of water deluging from the sky. The forecast is depressing, too, calling for "heavy rain." This weekend, the rains caused the runoff in streams and rivers to flow milky brown. We typically don't get such storms until later in the year when people have been hibernating awhile already.

I started my hibernation this weekend, leading an entirely lazy few days, centered mostly in my kitchen (save for running the ten mile Herbert Glacier leg of the Nifty 50 (km) relay race out the road). It was in this cozy context I cooked up Halibut Nicoise. The recipe is lighter than some of the other halibut recipes out there that are smothered in mayonnaise. It's inspired with flavors of the Mediterranean--garlic, basil, wine, and olives. The tomatoes atop it are refreshing.

Mince garlic and basil.

Slice halibut into 4" x 2" pieces.

Pat halibut in flour, salt and pepper.

Pan fry halibut for a few minutes on each side. Place in oiled baking dish.

Briefly boil sauce in the frying pan; spread over halibut. Bake 10 minutes.

Serve & enjoy!

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