Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shrimp Fried Rice

I don't remember the Fiddlehead restaurant for its fried rice (I remember it for things like its baked goods counter). But sure enough, the cookbook includes a good recipe for this staple rice dish. It uses local ingredients. And it is, of course, delicious.

It's the perfect midweek meal.It's simple, quick (50 mins), and healthy--and you're left with just one pot to clean. I used a pound of lime-cilantro-seasoned shrimp from Costco which added some flavor. You can also use Petersburg shrimp or small cocktail shrimp.

I got my brown rice going, then started the fried half. Scramble the eggs first, then set aside.

Saute the pepper, onion, and mushroom next.

Add the shrimp, garlic and soy sauce.

Mix it all together with the cooked rice and egg and you're set to serve!

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  1. This is a staple for moms: Quick, easy, nutritious and the kids like it. Reason to always double your batch of rice, so you have some in the frig to whip this up in emergency. Use any bits of leftover meat or tofu, or whatever!


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