Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Healthy Home Fries

I credit my tendency toward the kitchen primarily to my mom. She was often at it there, creating some kind of delicious something or other, and giving me--who sat at the counter--the job of stirring.  The stereo was usually on, and some kind of dancing ensued. Dancing, as you know, helps the culinary process.  There was so much life around our dinner table as our family sat to our daily bread, thanks to the constancy of my mom's cooking.  My dad cooked sometimes. And what he was particularly good at was grilling (as many dads and males in general seem to be). He also made a mean fried potato for breakfast.  They were always perfectly golden brown, and crispy!  Herbed, hearty, and healthy. 

I can't claim to be the potato fryer my dad is, but I did make the Fiddlehead's Healthy Home Fries.  It's a simple recipe: boil potatoes, cut them into cubes, fry them, and add seasoning.  The key thing to making this recipe a success is to not overcook the potatoes when you boil them initially. I tried this recipe a year or so ago and boiled them 'til they were too soft, so that when I tried to cube them they turned into mashed potatoes.  This time I only boiled the potatoes until they were al dente, then they held their shape when being fried up.  The seasoning is different--garlic powder, brewers yeast, and salt.  I would add salt on the scant side of what they're calling for--I thought they were too salty.

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