Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Carolyn's Cookies (Page 165)

It’s a good neighborhood here on Capitol Hill. Beneath towering oak trees, historic brick homes sit snuggly side-by-side, sharing the streets just blocks from the powerful U.S. Capitol. While the engine of major governmental policy is churning just around the corner, the atmosphere of these blocks is entirely calming. Neighbors are friendly, and yards are tidy. At Christmas time, the horn section of the Navy band trumpets carols door-to-door for all to hear. U.S Senators live in these European-style row houses. Everyone knows each other, and the neighborhood "mayor" keeps unofficial watch. Even cats are characters here with established personalities. It’s a great place to live.

It’s inside one of the cozy homes on Capitol Hill that Carolyn’s Cookies are baking. That’s right; I brought my Fiddlehead cookbook along on my trip. But today I cooked from my host’s hardback copy—she was a server at the Fiddlehead in the 80’s. This morning the sun is out and a soft breeze casts shadows of leaves quaking across the walls. The aroma of these double chocolate treats fills the airy rooms. Small and chewy, these treats are indeed heaven for a chocolate lover. The recipe makes 3-4 dozen with dough scooped by the teaspoon. They’re easy: prep, cook & clean in under an hour. And these tasty morsels are packable, too. I snacked on these at 30,000 feet as I flew across the Atlantic. On vacation, you’re allowed to eat cookies for breakfast.

[I wrote this a few weeks ago while visiting Washington, D.C.]

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