Monday, June 14, 2010

Pasta for a Rainy Day

It's been raining here in the interior of Alaska...and I am thrilled! We had an early start to the wildfire season and the past week of rain has successfully put a damper on the smoke...for a while. Those of us living in Interior Alaska are generally spoiled with sun and hot weather this time of year (often into the mid to high 80's). So, I decided some hearty food was necessary to warm us up after a long weekend of working on our cabin in the rain.

(Alaskan) Chicken, veg, herbs and wine ready for pasta and cream

Chicken David really hit the spot - a warm, hearty dish that is also very quick to cook. I have to note here that I absolutely adore the creamy pasta recipes in the Fiddlehead cookbook. No messing around with slowly simmering a white cream sauce - just throw in the heavy cream and voil'a - delicious creamy pasta!

After serving up the hot pasta (should be served immediately for best results), I chastized myself for forgetting to add the sesame oil. I ran back to the kitchen and mixed the oil into the pasta - will have to wait to see how it tastes when I take the leftovers in for lunch.

There really is a lot of pasta on this very large dinner plate!

As summer really kicks into high gear, I am getting antsy to begin cooking with the fare from my garden, which I have been unable to do so far this year. Fortunately, there are a couple of places to purchase locally raised and grown meat and produce in Fairbanks. The available veggies are mostly leftovers from last year (onions, potatoes, honey), but I have found some produce (lettuce, herbs). Even better news - I got a call from Calypso Farm & Ecology Center, a local non-profit and CSA Farm (Community Supported Agriculture) - the first school garden shares are ready to pick up this week! Summer is here and I can hardly wait to start cooking with some delicious, local produce!

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