Friday, September 2, 2011

Tomato Millet Soup

Mm, soothing tomato soup. I'd initially thought to make this in the classic American style, with grilled cheese. The Fiddlehead's KT Grill sandwich looks basically like a gourmet grilled cheese. Instead, I'd done a five day cleanse this week, Monday through Friday. This was my warm, healthy soup treat to ease back into eating after days gone by on juices, broth, and master cleanse lemonade. But you don't have to be starved for this to taste good. It's delicious. And simple to make--dice carrot, celery, onion & garlic. Then add canned diced tomato and spices and simmer. The millet cooks separately and is stirred in at the end.

All the flavors blend well together--not any one single flavor gets overwhelmed by any of the others. It's a nice texture. The chunkiness makes it heartier than tomato soups you can usually drink. The millet offers a really nice texture. I've not cooked with it before, but it has a bit of a couscous feel to it. I have an African ground nut soup recipe, one of my favorites, that reminds me vaguely of this recipe. Rice instead of millet, peppers, and curry spicing, plus peanut butter. I could almost see the latter being good here. Just a touch?

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