Monday, October 24, 2011

The Factory Worker

I used Silverbow garlic-rosemary bread for the base of this delicious vegetarian sandwich. First, spread each slice with guacamole, then layer with cheddar and jack cheeses (I used a sharp white cheddar and pepperjack), and broil. Top with tomato slices, sunflower seeds, and sprouts. Healthy & delicious. A gourmet sandwich for the factory worker in each of us. (Apparently, Fiddlehead author Deborah Marshall worked at the Bread Factory in Anchorage where this was her favorite sandwich.)


Each slice spread with guac. Half get (white) cheddar, the other (pepper) jack.

After broiling

Served open-face

Crunchy, cheesy vegetarian delight


  1. Oooh, this is a good theme. Riffed on this the other night with shredded carrot and chard instead of tomato and sprouts. I also subbed freshly toasted pumpkin seeds for the sunflower. Fabulous.


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