Monday, October 3, 2011

The Fiddlehead Cookbook Turns 20

The Fiddlehead Cookbook is "dedicated to that spirit of adventure known as hospitality, which draws people together and brings well-being and harmony to the planet."

The Fiddlehead Cookbook turned 20 this year, and there was a party to celebrate! Friends, family, and former employees of the Fiddlehead turned out for drinks & freshly baked carolyn's cookies, ginger crinkles, fantasy and reality cookies. Mm... Jazz music filled the hall and silent and outcry auctions raised money for the Juneau Arts & Culture Center. The Ann's Lemon Cake that was donated was fit for a queen. Seriously, did someone get a photo?

I had to the chance to meet all the Fiddlehead authors at the celebration: Nancy and John DeCherney, Susan Brook. and Deborah Marshall. They were all very friendly and gracious, not like in Julie & Julia when Julia Child disses Julie the blogger. You guys are great! What a legacy you've created.

The spirit is still alive! It was obvious there's some serious love surrounding this book. Heck, the "Most Loved Cookbook" contest said it all--grease-spackled pages barely left threaded to the book's spine.

The introduction of the cookbook, penned by Deborah Marshall, is beautifully written. In her concluding paragraph, she writes:

"Remember what Alaska teaches--that it is possible to do what you don't know how to do. If you don't have all the ingredients, substitute. If you lack self-confidence, face the stove and pray. Most important, let your home-cooked meal celebrate your time together and the creativity in your soul. Enjoy your repast."

Amen. Happy birthday dear Fiddlehead.

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  1. It was a fun party! I enjoy reading your blog - come by and visit me at Home in Douglas!


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