Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fiddlehead Easter: Curried Carrot Soup and Creamed New Potatoes and Peas with Bechamel Sauce

Like many of you, I celebrated Easter by eating a large meal around the dining table together with family and friends. We also threw miniature marshmallows at each other in the backyard, but that's another story. We ate in courses, and a few of the dishes came from the Fiddlehead cookbook. Our first course was the Curried Cream of Carrot Soup. We served it in cups with a dollop (love that word) of sour cream and a sprinkling of green onion.

The soup is carrots, onion, and garlic mixed with with curry powder and garam masala, and simmered in cream and chicken broth. It's then pulsed in the food processor to leave a smooth finished product. It's very tasty, and has quite a kick with just 1/2 a teaspoon of cayenne. We had it as a starter, but I'm sure it would stand well on its own as a meal with just a thick slice of bread on the side.

For the main course, we had a non-Fiddlehead stuffed pork roast accompanied by a few dishes, including Creamed New Potatoes and Peas with Bechamel Sauce. This is a fun way to make your typical potato side dish just a little more interesting. Use new potatoes from your garden, and if it's not your growing season, buy small potatoes. Mix these with peas, and drench in a creamy and slightly sweet white "bechamel" sauce.

It's fairly easy to do--the trickiest part is reading through the sauce instructions and understanding how to construct the vegetable figurine which stews: a clove poked into a quartered onion becomes the nose, and a bay leaf stuck in adds a feather in his cap. It was a little bland but I only simmered the onion for 5 minutes and it said 5-10. I would do 10 the next time, just to add more flavor. Or add more S&P. I did double the recipe and it was A LOT! A note for leftover eaters: it didn't reheat very well--it was runny when reheated, and lost its creaminess.

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