Thursday, May 19, 2011

Guliano Sandwich

Yum. I would be so happy if I ordered this at a restaurant. And to eat it at home! Oh my. The Guliano Sandwich is breaded eggplant, roasted pepper, pesto, and mozzarella between slices of bread. The Fiddlehead cookbook writes, "This is not just a collection of everything trendy between two slices of bread...but is, in fact, a great combination."

The Guliano is a simple recipe--the only time intensive step is the eggplant. As with the eggplant parmesan recipe, you have to sweat the slices by sprinkling with salt and setting them out. Then you rinse and pat dry before breading and frying.

Using an artisan bread makes a big difference in taste and appearance. I used my go-to no-knead bread and baked in chunks of garlic. The flavors meld together so nicely. It's almost vegan too--if you went without the melted mozzarella and egg.

The assembly line for breading the eggplant: flour, egg, and bread crumb

You have to sweat the eggplant slices

Spread each slice with pesto--layer half with breaded eggplant, roasted pepper, and mozzarella--and broil

The Guliani is a masterpiece of a sandwich

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